700 sqm, 100 liters of bucket paint, 80 Montana GOLD Shock Black spray cans, 13 walls, and 30 village residents. All this, a recipe for bringing street art to the country. Würmlas Wände (Würmla’s Wall’s) was a project that was initiated by Katharina C. Herzog and David Leitner. Based around the small Austrian municipality of Würmla, approximately 60 km from Vienna, the project consisted of artworks created after personal interviews with owners of 13 farms that allowed parts of their property to be painted during the project. The interviews exposed the hopes, dreams, thoughts, and opinions of the chosen residents which were then transferred into artworks that would find their homes on surfaces located around their farms.

Würmlas Wände

Where the modern, and the global, meet the rural

Silos, walls, barns, and even cellars where the substrates of choice for these monochromatic black and white murals. The project took place from April 2019 till December 2019, bringing imagery to a region that was otherwise not known for its street art. A multitude of concepts was built into the murals exploring everything from anecdotes to tradition, equality to current wold issues. But until then, take a moment to have a look here.

The striking black line work on the neutral roller-paint white background gave just the right level of impact and information without requiring anything else. Bound to become a tourist attraction for locals and beyond, the Würmlas Wände project is also set to become a limited edition 177-page book due for release in the European summer of 2020.

Images by Alexander Rauch

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Katharina C. Herzog and David Leitner