In the romantic late hours of the evening or early morning, when the lights are off and nobody is home, finding a spot to paint has a whole new dimension. For ZZTOP and SIRUP, it’s OK if nobody is home, but they prefer it when the lights left are on. With the help of a trusty telescope ladder, the second floor of a fully lit carpark was as inviting as a flower to a bee. Fully loaded with a well shaken stock of Montana Cans SILVERCHROME, Montana BLACKOUT and Montana WHITEOUT, the carpark was shortly transformed into a semi-outdoor chrome and black art gallery. Freshly coated with luxurious silver bling, thanks to the two creative climbers.

Getting up and over with ZZTOP and SIRUP

Context as side, well executed pieces shined brightly. And with a well coated clean white wall as background, it is most likely that ZZTOP and SIRUP will impress the car parkers as much as they stress the carpark staff. Take a look for yourself here.