“There is only one rule – Solidarity”. This statement sums up the philosophy of the now globally famous Berlin based crew, 1UP. “1 WEEK WITH 1UP” is the epic book result of photographers Martha Cooper and Ninja K, documenting and moving with the 1UP Crew for 1 week of sleepless nights and heart pounding action. See the result of creative teamwork at it’s best as 1UP uses its complex network of members and helpers, who all do there part to ensure everyones safety and the success of the mission.

1 WEEK WITH 1UP – Martha Cooper & Ninja K vs 1UP Crew

1 WEEK WITH 1UP is 144 pages laced with 30 different stories that all took place within a week. 180 images document the dedication, determination and persistence of one of the worlds most widely spread graffiti crews. 21st Century writing at its best showing work created in tunnels, roofs tops, on the streets, high-pressure fire extinguisher tags, roll-downs, street bombing and whole-cars. Take a sneak preview of the book before it’s release here:  1 WEEK WITH 1UP – Martha Cooper & Ninja K vs 1UP Crew

About the Book – One Week with 1UP

1 WEEK WITH 1UP – Martha Cooper & Ninja K vs 1UP Crew

Graffiti and photography—a long-standing symbiosis. 1 Week with 1UP accompanies the world-renowned graffiti crew on insane actions through tunnels, atop roofs and on the streets. High-pressure fire extinguisher tags, rolldowns, street bombings, and wholecars yield pure adrenalin. Come along for a behind-the-scenes look at Berlin graffiti writing in the 21st century. Enjoy the ride!

“We both know a thing or two about New York graffiti in the 80’s and were eager to learn more about the views and actions of one of Berlin’s most notorious crews.To succeed at graffiti, you need organizational skills, guts, ingenuity, willingness to take repeated risks, an ability to survive sleepless nights, and above all, teamwork.Hanging with the crew gave us an in-depth look at the tools, techniques, motivations and personalities of today’s graffiti writers.We often felt we were in a spy movie with burner phones, masks, encrypted messages and a hidden web of people working together to ensure everyone’s safety.” Martha Cooper & Ninja K

One Week with 1UP: Countless actions, hardly any sleep, constantly on the move. A lot of planning, even more chaos, too many cold nights, too little sleep, a lot of adrenaline and a ton of fun. 1UP is everywhere. There are no boundaries and only one rule—solidarity. One United Power