No artist, painter, creator or general drawing enthusiast can resist the Montana ACRYLIC Marker range. The 2mm Montana ACRYLIC marker is the much loved staple of any tool kit to create. Now it is even easier to keep your favorite ACRYLIC markers at arms reach what ever your situation thanks to the new Montana Acrylic Marker 2mm Actions Display’s.

New Montana ACRYLIC Marker 2mm Action Displays

These dynamic eye catching displays are ideal for work shops, events and studio use. Made of sturdy cardboard, these inspiring cardboard displays are available in three options. Measure: 24 cm long x 17,5 cm wide x 21 cm high.

Your favourite ACRYLIC markers at in arms reach


holding 48 pre-packed 2mm ACRYLIC markers in the colors Shock Yellow, Shock Red, Shock Pink Light, 100% Cyan, Shock Blue, Shock Green Light, Shock White Pure and Shock Black (6 of each). Go to product page.


holding 48 pre-packed 2mm ACRYLIC markers in the colors Outline Silver (12), Gold Matt (12), Copper Matt (12), Shock White pure (6) and Shock Black (6). Go to product page.


to hold 48 2mm ACRYLIC markers of your choice for general stock or targeted promotion campaigns. (*Display sold empty) Go to product page.


Perfect for counter presentation, promotional campaigns or private studio use and storage – Keep the ball rolling and the paint markers flowing with Montana Acrylic Marker 2mm Actions Display!



Now available, so go and see your local Montana-Cans reseller now for information!