The NUART Festival in Stavanger, Norway, has come a long way from being a small music festival up north in Europe. It has worked hard over many years to support, develop and nurture the culture of street art, muralism and everything in between. Everything from classic graffiti writers, fine artists and urban artists, have set foot on terrafirma-Stavanger, all in the name of making art for NUART. But no one was more surprised when AVINOR, the owners of the city’s main airport, agreed to have the 1UP Crew from Berlin create a painting outside the departure lounge. To quote the festival’s founder Martyn Reed, “It’s testament to just how far this culture has come in the region and to our longstanding and trusting partnership with Avinor that allows us to work freely with some of the biggest names in the world. When it comes to art, Sola Airport has to be one of the coolest and most progressive Airports in Europe!”

NUART captures the departure lounge view

Montana Cans has been supporting many artists and festivals with Montana GOLD and Montana BLACK cans (including NUART) for a long, long time. But even for us, seeing a predominantly illegal bombing crew get pole position at an international airport with uncompromising graffiti piece is a first. If you can’t depart from Sola Airport yourself, take a moment to see what the people that can are seeing.

You can catch 1UP’s incredible installation for Nuart at the “Brand New, You’re Retro” exhibition in Stavanger until Oct 6th.

Images by ©Brian Tallman