This past Saturday, 27th January, the Montana Store Frankfurt was a vibrant hub of creativity, celebration, and international camaraderie as we launched the highly anticipated Jeroo One Montana BLACK Artist Edition spray can.

The atmosphere buzzed with excitement from the moment the doors opened, welcoming attendees from all corners of the globe. This international gathering highlighted the global appeal of street art and Montana Cans’ pivotal role within this community. The highlight for many was the exclusive artwork by Jeroo One, showcased inside the shop alongside the spray can that brought us all together. Painted prior to the event, this masterpiece provided a stunning backdrop, showcasing the artist’s skill and the creative possibilities of the Jeroo One Artist Edition can.

The event was more than a product launch; it was a celebration of community. Guests enjoyed Frankfurt’s own Apfelwein, embracing the local culture and hospitality that Montana Cans is proud to be part of. Complementing the drinks were delicious Pfefferbrezeln, allowing attendees to mingle over bites of regional cuisine, share stories, and revel in the collective passion for graffiti.

Our heartfelt thanks go out to everyone who joined us for the launch, from our local supporters to the international visitors who made the journey. Your enthusiasm and support not only made the event a memorable success but also reinforce the vibrant, global community that graffiti has nurtured. Stay tuned to the Montana Cans blog and our social media channels for more events, artist collaborations, and the latest in spray paint innovation. Together, we continue to paint the world with bold colors and boundless creativity.