The xSTatic Festival marked its 10th edition on the 30th of September, unfolding a vibrant canvas of creativity and community in Split, Croatia. Over 40 Graffiti writers from various countries, including Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia, Turkey, Germany, France, Canada, and Venezuela, convened at the Sports Center Gripe/Koteks, translating their vision into colorful murals.

Montana Cans were proud to be part of the gathering, subtly contributing to the creative process with our Montana GOLD and Montana BLACK spray paints, ensuring that the artists had high-quality materials to bring their inspirations to life.

The event was not just a visual spectacle but also a melody for the ears, with DJ music enriching the atmosphere throughout the day. A skateboarding contest on a new ramp, diligently constructed by the skateboard club “Kolo” especially for the xSTatic festival, added a dynamic twist to the day’s activities.

Culminating the festival was a hip-hop concert that filled the evening with pulsating beats and rhythmic flows, inviting all attendees to be a part of the celebration, free of charge – an ethos upheld for the entire xSTAtic program. The 10th edition of xSTatic stood as a testament to the unity and shared passion within the artistic and local communities, echoing vibrant energies in every spray stroke and beat dropped.

Images by xStatic festival

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