When we released the new Montana NIGHTGLOW Orange, and improved the formula for both NIGHTGLOW Orange and Green, we had no idea how impressive it would become. That is until HOMBRE SUK took a classic Halloween icon and gave it a NIGHTGLOW makeover!



HOMBRE re-invents some Halloween classics

Montana NIGHTGLOW EFFECT is a high pressure, high-grade nitro-acrylic based spray paint, that contains light emitting luminescent pigments. NIGHTGLOW stores light as absorbed energy (charged) and emits that energy (as light), when in total darkness. The more intense the light source, the greater the charge. Then by night, when the lights are off, it’s time to shine!


How Montana NIGHTGLOW Effect works

Now before you start thinking complicated, theis halloween character were actually quite simple to prepare. NIGHTGLOW Orange and Green, Montana GOLD Shock White and Shock Black, a canvas and some ideas. The rest was a few complimentary Montana GOLD cans he had laying around. With that humorous illustrative style that HOMBRE is renowned for, he took these two images to new glowing heights.




How to use Montana Nightglow effect

The Montana GOLD Shock White gave the ultimate reflective base for the NIGHTGLOW to charge on, and the remaining cans were carefully placed to create the greatest volume of glowing, definition and funk. For further applicational advise please make sure to visit the MontanaCans Help Center or the FAQ section on the Montana NIGHTGLOW product page!



As we see HOMBRE’s work progress over time, it is no wonder that his keen creative eye knows exactly what to put where. No doubt a lot of practice and an endless skill set helps too. What are you going to create with Montana NIGHTGLOW Orange and Green this Halloween?



Photography by MontanaCans / Alexander Krziwanie