Five years of creating their own worlds

Who would have thought 5 years ago that the team over at allspraypainted would have come as far as they have? Each year, one cool project after another with cool tips and tricks that even the most experienced graffiti writer may not have thought of. The allspraypainted Magazine #5 is now available and free online digitally here. As the fifth magazine in the series that summarizes the creative year that was. Since 2019, allspraypainted has gone from strength to strength, not to mention color by color as they worked their way through every Montana GOLD, TECH and EFFECT can possible.

The allspraypainted Magazine Issue #5 is a look back in the ASP rearview mirror of 2022. A reflection of the year that was and the things that were made more aesthetic in the process. Projects of all shapes and sizes gave homes, offices, and living spaces a unique new lease on life. From outdoor hammocks to tables, stationary to birdhouses, to baubles to vases. There is something for everyone.

A look in the rearview mirror


Creators for a living

When it isn’t the projects that take our attention, then it is the engaging interviews and stories that feature creative professionals that paint and make for a living. Artists and creators such as Sarah Hartmann, Vera Wohlleben, and Hassan Abu-Izmero (aka HABU) all give us an insight into their lives where creativity has transferred from hobby to profession.

So grab a cup of something tasty and take some time out to look through the new allspraypainted Magazine issue #5 here. And don’t forget, issues #1, #2, #3, and #4 are still available online here.