Keep it simple, make it in

Few contemporary graffiti style writers manage to keep their pieces simple yet innovative. And who is to blame them, as possibly the longest continually running period in art history with about half a century already on the clock without a pause, the graffiti writing movement has just about seen and done it all. Cycles have come and gone and then come again with a slightly modernized touch. But among this rich period in art history that is still being written, some stand-out artists keep it simple and make it innovative. One of those artists that have well and truly found their creative sweet spot is none other than SWEETUNO.

An update with SWEETUNO 2022

Graffiti – possibly the longest continuously running phase in art history

Born in Switzerland, and residing in Germany, SWEETUNO has taken the essence of graffiti writing (the tag) and pushed it consistently through the graffiti machine to innovate unique throw-ups and pieces in his very special own style. In recent times the focus has turned away from more colors and cleanliness to zeroing in on form, single or monotone colored fill-ins, and as much letter development as possible.

Picking the spots others see as too hard to work with

In this SWEETUNO wall update, we see his further use of the standard cap and subtle fades to accentuate the single or few colored fill-ins his pieces are occupied by.  With a knack for often picking spots that others would consider insufficient in space, or too hard to work with, SWEETUNO occupies much of his local landscape with his rough yet controlled aesthetic. Solid lines and color blocks, often being separated by thin lines, that through his can control appear to have been the last spits of paint from the can. Proving again that less is more, SWEETUNO takes us through a journey with multiple surfaces and contexts which are always a pleasure to discover. Sit back and walk your eyes through the SWEETUNO wall update 2022.

An update with SWEETUNO 2022

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