Andrew Schoultz at Ruttkowski68

Andrew Schoultz at Ruttkowski68. ANDREW SCHOULTZ’s works are colorful, multi-layered and above all, opulent. But the American artist does not communicate through one obvious centerpiece that can be seen with a hasty glance. Whether with large-scale murals and installations or smaller works such as drawings and paintings, Schoultz reveals in small details, using a precise and detailed approach to build up the bigger picture. The technique, which requires diligence, is also a stylistic device symbolizing the complex issues Schoultz tackles. See more images after jump.

Andrew_Schoultz_Opening_1 Andrew_Schoultz_Opening_2 Andrew_Schoultz_Opening_3 Andrew_Schoultz_Opening_4

Schoultz’s works tell stories about everyday life and serve as commentary on political issues, international relations, environmental degradation and the merger of man and nature.

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For Broken Order – his first solo exhibition at Ruttkowski;68 gallery – Schoultz was inspired by the orderliness of a bygone era that helped preserve physical evidence of history. For example, patterns in Persian Tapestries as well as well as the delicate and ornate borders often painted around the edges of Persian miniature paintings or the work of early German map making such as The Nuremburg Chronicle of 1492. Schoultz addresses today’s trouble spots and geopolitical disagreements by referring to the past.

Broken_Order_works_1 Broken_Order_works_2 Broken_Order_works_3 Broken_Order_works_4 Broken_Order_works_5 Broken_Order_works_6Broken_Order_works_8 Broken_Order_works_9 Broken_Order_works_10 Broken_Order_works_11