In Aschaffenburg, Germany, in July 2023, a remarkable event took place as part of the Aschaffenburg Culture Days. The city, once adorned with vibrant graffiti and murals, had lost much of its urban art, leaving the streets devoid of creativity. To remedy this, a group of talented artists came together to revive the urban art scene and celebrate subcultural diversity.

Among the artists who participated were HOMBRE, SPEEDY (Marc Robitzky), OSKINGS, STEN, RINE, STREETPOPBARBECUE and KRIXL. Armed with an array of Montana Black colors like Kicking Yellow, Oasis, and Iced Coffee, the artists brought life back to the walls of Aschaffenburg. They used Montana Level 1 to 6 caps to control the paint flow and create intricate details that captivated the onlookers.

One artist, Markus Christl, particularly favored Montana Black Universe, Hannibal, True Yellow, and Pink Cadillac, infusing his works with a burst of his preferred colors. Pablo Fontagnier and Markus Christl documented the entire journey through their lenses, capturing the essence of the event and the passion of the artists. Their photographs would serve as a testament to the successful revival of urban art in Aschaffenburg.

The result was breathtaking—vibrant murals and graffiti adorned the city’s walls, transforming the streets into a living gallery of colors and culture. This event left a lasting impression on the community, rekindling their appreciation for creativity and self-expression. Thanks to the collaborative efforts of the artists and the support of the Aschaffenburg Culture Days, the city experienced a renaissance of urban art, connecting people through visual storytelling and inspiring future generations to embrace their creativity. The legacy of this event would forever remind everyone of the power of art to transform and revitalize communities.

All images by @markus_christl_krixl and @hombre_suk_trs