Germans take their Hip Hop and Graffiti seriously. And it shows in the high quality artwork and music that their creators make. Just like their spray can makers take their can seriously (Montana-Cans). And in the city of Dortmund the seriousness and dedication to their cultures are pushed to their limit.

On Friday the 13th of October 2017, some positively scary art and music went down at the Bambule event which was presented by German Hip Hop culture makers, BACKSPIN. The day was celebrated with artwork made by the German heavy weight writers Atom One, CanTwo, WOW123 and German hip hop heavy weight, Samy Deluxe. BAMBULE DORTMUND REPRESENTS

CAN2, ATOM ONE, WOW123 & Samy Deluxe

The music side was just as tight with featured artists being Too Strong, Samy Deluxe, Torch & Toni L, Ferris MC, Mirko Machine, Spax, D-Flame and DJ Stylewarz. Dortmund came alive and The Montana BLACK and GOLD were called in to cover the colors. Check out results here:

Bambule 2016 – Recap

Foto Credits Fast Forward Monaco – Flo Stielow