Artist Collective Quintessenz – Not afraid of splinters Berlin-based artist Collective Quintessenz

Quintessenz was born when artists Thomas Granseuer and Tomislav Topic came together to collaborate on artwork creation. Both stemming from the graffiti scene, the artists have studios in Berlin and Hannover where they create and see things somewhat differently to most. Grab a coffee, pull up a chair and prepare to be impressed… Berlin-based artist Collective Quintessenz



Since 2008 the two have been collaborating after their time together while studying and have made the „Quintessenz“ of their artwork process based. As well as the emphasis of film, installation, mural art and painting, the duo is not afraid of wood and this material features heavily in some of their most recent artworks. This is compatible with their „handmade“ mentality that allows their work the freedom to cross genre and at the same time gives a nod to their connection to graffiti.

Annologue and digital come together as the two find a fine balance between commercial work and free artwork. With an amazing folio that ticks all the boxes, no surface or space is safe from their creative abilities and strong sense of color (or lack thereof). The artist collective is currently working on a huge installation at the city centre of MONTANA-CANS base and hometown Heidelberg for the Metropolink Festival 2017. We’ll keep you posted!

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