BERLIN BOOMBOX fans can look forward to a very special limited edition of the smartphone speaker: as of today the BERLIN BOOMBOX Artist Edition is commercially available. Four absolute favorite artists of BERLIN BOOMBOX maker Axel Pfaender were responsible for the design: the internationally known illustrators Jeremyville from NYC, Rob Flowers from London, Golden Green from Germany and LouLou and Tummie from Netherlands were asked to design one each BERLIN BOOMBOX. These were then produced in a limited edition of 200-300 pc. (All signed and numbered by the artists) and are available for 99 Euros via

artist_edition_allgg_detail02 jeremyville_detail01 lou_tum_detail01 rob_detail02

The BERLIN BOOMBOX Artist Edition combines art and technology. Fans of the four artists who all have developed a very distinctive style away from mainstream will be just as excited about this particular object as fans of the BERLIN BOOMBOX will, whose favorite speaker presents itself in a completely new look.

gg_mockup_back3 gg_mockup3 jeremy_mockup_back jeremy_mockup lou_tum_mockup_back lou_tum_mockup rob_mockup_back rob_mockup
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