MENSCHWERK – this describes the revitalization of large, vacant industrial halls, that once were workshops and manufacturing trades. Vitality in form of art! Earlier this month we visited the MENSCHWERK  exhibition in Obernburg, that was open from the 9th of May – 11th of May. The “BLACKREBELS” Crew namely BOOGIE, DREIST, HOMBRE & RUSL had an entire area of the exhibition to their disposal.


They chose a  nature based theme titled “hunters and gatherers” and it literally surrounded the visitor’s senses: From the rough wooden frames to the musty smell of the wood chips that covered the entire ground, from the earthy warm, harmonious color concept to the heavy massive wood blocks that were used for decoration. Well known styles and newer, more modern works were presented equally and worked coherently together, rather leaving an impression of art and design than of graffiti dudes.  All in all this was a well organized event that obviously was carried out with great care and love of detail.


Photography by MONTANA-CANS / Benny Lohnert & Alexander Münch
Text by Lydia Scott

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BLKRBLS on facebook