„Tags and Throws“ is renowned for bringing the underground art of tagging and throw ups (bombing) to the surface. To the surface of what you might ask. To any surface the artists are able to reach. Recently they featured a film called „Bombing with GOFEY“ which is a no holds barred look at the normally nocturnal art of handstyle and throw up specialist, „GOFEY“. Created in Spring, Gofey travels through the streets of Hamburg explaining a little about how he approaches his art and what it means to him. A mood filled twenty one minutes of documentation of this often unseen art form being made live and direct. Listen to his thoughts and his ideas as he is confronted with some passers-by and some opinions that provoke debate or consideration from any one that watches: Bombing with Gofey A Hamburg experience


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More from Gofey on Gofey152.tumblr.com