On the second leg of his Indonesian journey, UK artist Bonzai went to Jakarta to participate in a local Jam as well as an exhibition in collaboration with “Drips and Drops” who co-ordinated his program. As per the Bandung part of his journey, Bonzai didn’t fail to impress the locals with his large array of styles and skills. Check out the images after the jump.

Bonz-RW14 Bonz-RW15 Bonz-RW16 Bonz-RW17 Bonz-RW18 Bonz-RW19 Bonz-RW20 Bonz-RW21 Bonz-RW22 Bonz-RW23 Bonz-RW24Bonz-RW1 Bonz-RW2 Bonz-RW3 Bonz-RW4 Bonz-RW5 Bonz-RW6 Bonz-RW7 Bonz-RW8 Bonz-RW9 Bonz-RW10 Bonz-RW11 Bonz-RW12 Bonz-RW13Bonz-1 Bonz-3 Bonz-4 Bonz-5 Bonz-6 Bonz-7 Bonz-8 Bonz-9 Bonz-10 Bonz-11 Bonz-12 Bonz-13 Bonz-14 Bonz-15 Bonz-16 Bonz-17 Bonz-18 Bonz-19 Bonz-20 Bonz-21 Bonz-22