Big is better when you are an icon

To celebrate the recent release of the MontanaCans Icon Series spray can, CANTWO – Cotton Candy, CANTWO set himself the goal of creating something iconic to commemorate the moment. The location, a perfectly sized wall in an industrial setting in Dortmund Germany. The words to commemorate the moment; “Cotton Candy”.

Captured on a film by André Sasse, this beautiful blockbuster was filmed from start to finish. With its beginnings starting under the cover of darkness, CANTWO shows that when it comes to his roots of graffiti lettering, he has still got it, even when it needs to be simple and readable. As daylight shone once again, on a wall that would be otherwise suitable for 4 writers, CANTWO brings all the elements of the Cotton Candy Icon Series can in one horizontal plane. The words Cotton Candy, the X irritant symbol, his skillful hand, and his celebrated CANTWO handstyle. It could almost be said that the only thing that is missing is a CANTWO character! Far from it. In this production, we see the man himself, the real character that is CANTWO in the flesh. 

Bringing together all the elements of the CANTWO Icon Series can

On a wall that reaks of industry and development, steel poking out of it and its top crumbled and damaged, it seems fitting that something so creatively clean is placed upon it. Without destruction, there can be no creation. A space that has seen much of mankind’s material development, now home to the celebration of human development of the creative kind. Sit back and enjoy the ride as CANTWO’s “Cotton Candy” blockbuster comes to life!

A celebration of creative development

Copyright of all photography by André Sasse

Will be available in Stores soon – See your local Montana Cans reseller for information

New Montana-Cans ICONIC SERIES feat. CANTWO