Cantwo x AtomOne | Hip Hop Dome 2014. Recently at the Hip Hop Dome Graffiti Jam in Bondy (near Paris), amongst many other well known and esteamed local writers, the Montana Artists Collective
artists Atom one and Can 2 were invited to come and strut their stuff to represent the Stick Up Kids crew. Check out the results after the jump.


CantwoxAtomOne-02 CantwoxAtomOne-04CantwoxAtomOne-03 CantwoxAtomOne-05 CantwoxAtomOne-06 CantwoxAtomOne-09 CantwoxAtomOne-11 CantwoxAtomOne-13CantwoxAtomOne-07CantwoxAtomOne-12CantwoxAtomOne-14 CantwoxAtomOne-15CantwoxAtomOne-16 CantwoxAtomOne-17

Cantwo x AtomOne | Hip Hop Dome 2014