The M*E*S*H Foundation of Rotterdam in the Netherlands is an active vehicle in bringing artists to Rotterdam for creative projects. But thats just the surface. Behind it is a drive to assist the talented artists in widening the “mesh” of their artistic networks while creating site specific artworks at the same time. Making the art world part of the artist’s world. Something Montana Cans can relate to. The recent M*E*S*H project called Color Block, entered it’s 3rd round at Vierhavenstraat on the border between Delfshaven en Merwede Vierhavens on the 20th till 27 of July. The 400meter square wall became their own public surface for the participating artists, Erosie (NL) and Sobekcis (RS). It also meant a massive supply of Montana GOLD and Montana BLACK cans were needed. Color Block 3 Fetauring Erosie and Sobekcis

M*E*S*H Foundation brings the art world to Rotterdam

Color Block #3 – Featuring Erosie and Sobekcis

The artist twins Sobekcis which are famous for their ever dynamic graffiti styles stayed true to their current creative path with an innovative series of minimised color blocks which we often see in slightly varying, ever changing letter styles. But this time there were no letters. Or at least none that were obvious. Erosie, the Dutch talent who was representing for the locals, didn’t disappoint in a complimentary series of geometric, symbolic and dynamic images. Some eluding to logo’s of past and present. Others being more abstract and exploring large color fields.

Much like a fine art gallery in the park, Rotterdam came alive as the artwork slowly progressed to its massive final form. See for yourself here:

Making of


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