Dazzle your guests with the new Montana HOLOGRAM Effect Spray. Create some eye-catching table decor with this easy DIY project

Presenting new products might just be the coolest part of our jobs! And today we have something new to share: Our New HOLOGRAM effect spray! This translucent spray is loaded with colorful glitter particles which catch the light creating a one-of-a-kind holographic effect. Vera, the creative brain behind the DIY Blog Nicest Things, came up with an awesome DIY project so you can try out this new product by creating a glamorous Party display, including split bottles of bubbly, wooden forks and a party-planner notebook. Most important thing to remember when working with Montana HOLOGRAM, is that the effect is most visible on dark surfaces. DIY PROJECT NICESTTHINGS EYE-CATCHING TABLE DECOR

Vera chose to coat the bottles with Montana GOLD Shock Black SH9000. Once the dark coat is dry, you can start applying the HOLOGRAM effect spray. Make sure to shake the can extremely well before you start applying, as otherwise the particles will sink to the bottom of the can and you’ll be applying translucent paint with no effect. Keeping the can at a distance of about 20 cm to the object, spray in clean strokes from left to right. Rather than trying to create one thick coat, try to apply multiple thin coats. The sparkle effect will be stronger and this will also help you to avoid drips and runs in the paint. Wait about 10 minutes between each coat. Remember to always shake the can in-between strokes to keep those particles in motion.

For the forks, Vera taped off the front end of the fork towards the neck and the point of the fork (nobody likes a mouth full of glitter) with some masking tape and also coated the handle of the fork with some Montana GOLD Shock Black. The effect works best on non-absorbent surfaces, so when painting on wood, it’s better to layer the dark coats to cancel out some of that absorption. Then coat with the Montana HOLOGRAM effect spray as previously described. For the notebook project, Vera first created a stencil out of paper and then sprayed straight onto the cover of the semi-glossy finish of the notebook. To keep those pretty and colorful particles in place (especially on an object which is meant to be used for an extended period of time, we recommend coating the finished design with Montana TECH Varnish Gloss spray, to further enhance the shininess.

So, what’s the difference between this new Montana HOLOGRAM effect spray and our Montana GLITTER effect spray, you might be asking?

Well, the answer is the color of the particles. The GLITTER particles are silver and reflect the light, whereas the HOLOGRAM particles are colorful and catch the light, which, depending on the angle of the light, can create a kind of holographic illusion.

Dazzle your guests with this simple, sparkling DIY idea. Handmade by you.

Usefull Accessoires
Use the Montana GOLD Shock Black S9000 to prime surfaces in dark color. Apply Montana VARNISH Gloss to enhance the effect even more!


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