If you’re into DIY projects and have spent hours of your life on Pinterest, raking in ideas that you absolutely want to try, at some point you will most certainly have come across the ombré craze! Heidelberg-based DIY-enthusiast Vera, mastermind of the Blog Nicest Things, got in the ombré spirit and spiffed up these old chairs with the help of a couple Montana GOLD cans. All you need for this project is a collection of various old chairs, some sandpaper, old newspaper and a couple of cans in your favorite colors from our Montana GOLD series. Any combination of colors within one shade would create a beautiful ombré effect. In this case, Vera chose to go with G6200 Venice, G6210 CAN 2 Cool Candy, G6230 Pool, and for a splash of light green, the G6120 Malachite Light. DI



The first step was to sand down all the chairs just a little, to create a rough surface for better paint adhesion. Once the surface is roughened, it’s time to prep your work area. Make sure you cover the floor and any surfaces you want to protect with some old newspaper. Remember when painting large objects and working with spray cans for an extensive period of time, it’s always best to wear a facial mask, to protect your airways. Once you’re ready to start painting, choose a color of Montana GOLD spray paint and just go for it. The acrylic-based Montana GOLD paint will adhere to all different kinds of surfaces and the low-pressure spray is great not only for indoor crafting, but also is a really good way for beginners to get accustomed to using the can as a crafting utensil. This is why the Montana GOLD series is the best choice for any kind of DIY project. After your first coat of paint is dry, you can check for unevenness. DIY PROJECT BY NICESTTHINGS: OMBRÉ CHAIRS WITH MONTANA GOLD



It takes a lot of skill to apply spray paint without creating any runs or drips at all. If you want, you can sand them a bit before applying a second coat. Always remember to shake the cans well, even when just taking a short break between strokes. Montana cans are really loaded with pigment and you want to make sure that the paint is always well-mixed to keep the color consistent while painting. Be sure to wait for the paint to cure before testing the chairs (at least 24 hours).



In order to protect the surface and enhance the durability of your paint job, we recommend coating your objects with a layer of VARNISH spray from the Montana TECH line. Now, they’re done. Admire your new interior design eye catcher. Handmade by you!




Selected colors of Montana GOLD’s flowing color system by Vera for this project:



Usefull Accessoires
Use the Montana True Tone Color Swatch to make your individual color concept! Montana Nozzles are available in different sizes – from very thin for details to extra fat for wider surface filling!


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photography by Vera Wohlleben / NICESTTHINGS