Drew Brophy

Drew Brophy has been a professional surf lifestyle artist for over 25 years, and is an avid big wave surfer and world traveler. Drew recently got his hands on some Montana Cans and ACRYLIC markers to create this amazing piece titled “Nelscott Reef” – a spot in Lincoln City, Oregon where Drew actually surfed 30 foot waves. Drew will be in Hamburg, Germany on June 19th at the Globetrotter Store, doing a live “Green Graffiti” mural. For more on Drew, check him out at www.DrewBrophy.com

Nelscott Painting with Spray Paint Drew Brophy
Drew Brophy laying background colors on NELSCOTT Reef painting with Montana Cans  spray paint
Drew Brophy painting Nelscott painting with  Montana Cans paint pens
Drew Brophy ready to use Montana Cans paint for Nelscott Reef Painting
Drew Brophy finishing painting Nelscott Reef Artwork June 1 2014
Nelscot Reef Painting by Drew Brophy in Progress with Montana Cans Paints
Nelscott-Reef-painting-by-Drew-Brophy June 2014