MONTANA-CANS sponsors and supports the DUBAI STREET MUSEUM – the first contemporary street art event of this amount in the Middle East. The event takes place in the streets of Dubai over a period of five years and welcomes numerous national and international artists to the United Arab Emirates. The DUBAI STREET MUSEUM is curated by ROME LEVY, the founder of the blog, and SANAZ ASKARI, the owner of the MINE Gallery Dubai. Both managed to create a great mixture of highly innovative artists such as 1010 and CASE (MA’CLAIM) from Germany, ERNEST ZACHAREVIC from Lithuania, SETH THE GLOBEPAINTER and VINCENT ABADIE HAFEZ from France, MARTIN WHATSON from Norway, Russian artist JULIA VOLCHKOVA, HUA TUNAN from China and INKMAN from Tunisia. These participating artists already finished their murals during the first phase of the event on large-scaled walls along the 2nd of December Street in Al Satwa, a district with a high-density of retail outlets and private residential dwellings. The finished works can be seen in our MONTANA BLOG filled with regular updates on graffiti-, street art- and contemporary art events like the DUBAI STREET MUSEUM.

Work in progress by French artist Vincent Abadie Hafez


As the official sponsor, MONTANA-CANS provides MONTANA GOLD spray-cans to all the participating artists, who need the best tools for their works on different surfaces and highest-quality colors that resist the harsh climate of the United Arab Emirates. The unique event unites all kinds of national and international street art of the highest standard – no matter if is abstract or figurative. It turns the streets of Dubai into an open-air museum with many different ways and artistic interpretations of „The Past“ – the curated theme of the DUBAI STREET MUSEUM.

All images by Rom Levy and Zane Meyer

German artist CASE (MA’CLAIM) one of MONTANA-CANS longtime friends is a main part of the line-up for the DUBAI STREET MUSEUM. CASE (MA’CLAIM), who is one of the pioneers of photorealistic graffiti, pushes not only the quality of this great event into highest heights. Together with his graffiti crew MA’CLAIM, he became internationally known in the early 2000s and since then participated in several graffiti- and street art events together with his crew mates and as a single artist. Today his works can be found in galleries and exhibitions all over the world. In Dubai, he finished two of the largest murals of the event. His two artworks are dedicated to the traditional Arabic culture and combine the curated theme „The Past“ with the typical, detailed view on the characteristics of the society. With „Fishermen“ and „Arabic Coffee“, CASE is once again able to capture the small particularities of society in a large format. The artworks were done with MONTANA GOLD and can be visited in the streets of Dubai.

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