Edward Nightingale has been impressing audiences with his ‘in the moment’ photography for many years now. Nightingale is not just a documentor of graffiti. He is one of the most prolific train writing documentors in the world. Edward Nightingale does not just document finished works. Although this is an integral part of graffiti on trains, Nightingale’s ability to capture a mood and a moment without being outside of it, is second to none. For many writers he is as equally important as the person standing next to them painting the train.

“Von U bis V” (From U till V)

With so many actions and moments now framed in eternity, Nightingale was invited to have a solo exhibition at the Montana Store Vienna‘s, in house gallery. The show called “Von U bis V”, opened on October 18th to an inspired audience. With his first visit to Vienna occurring in 2009, Edward Nightingale is somewhat familiar with the local terrain, including the subway system.

Montana Store Vienna

The exhibition also featuring a wall sized print of the front of a Vienna Subway car, was also complimented with an exhibition catalogue also titled, ‘Von U bis V’. With the surrounds of racks full of Montana BLACK, Montana GOLD and Montana WHITE cans, the show seemed right where it needed to be. Each guest leaving with the feeling of having had an insight to a very well documented secret world. If you missed out, check it out for yourself here.

Images by Montana Store Vienna



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