If you like contemporary graffiti photography, Edward Nightingale will not be a name you are not aware of. Should it be that this name has not fallen on your photography or art appreciation radar, then be glad that your here. Edward Nightingale contemporary graffiti photographer

Edward Nightingale contemporary graffiti photographer

Edward Nightingale – Do you see what I see?

Based in Europe, Nightingale is a German artist that sees things that many don’t see. As one of the most prolific photographers of the contemporary train graffiti documentaion movement, Nightingale’s speciality is capturing the essence and mood of the graffiti discipline that is often over looked by general public. Whether it be in a tunnel, on a fence line, at the dead of night or the middle of the day.  A reference point for most prolific contemporary train painters who are happy to have him by their sides, Nightingale is not just along for the ride. He is the artist next to the artists. Shooting from above, up close, a far and right in the heat of the action. Taking the same risks, the same steps as any other participant of the action he is capturing, but yet with a completely different agenda.



Along his some what „high speed“ path to career building artwork, Nightingale has not just taken part in the activities of some of the worlds best known active train writers, he has also become part of graffiti history through capturing some intense moments of those artists who are no longer alive. He has had work featured in publications like Süddeutsche Zeitung Magazin, Juice, Don’t sleep Magazine, Offset Magazin and Bite It! and and has worked on brand projects like the new Montana BLACK campaign with Montana Cans. Edward Nightingale contemporary graffiti photographer

With exceptional technical ability and an amazing eye that looks at the right spot at the right moment, Nightingale’s work stands to survive the test of time!

Photography by © Edward Nightingale


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Introducing Graffiti Photographer Edward Nightingale