On April 5th 2018, in Den Hague (The Hague) Netherlands, the European Space Agency and The Hague Street Art joined forced to literally take graffiti and Montana Gold and BLACK cans where no writer has gone before. Space Travel! By mixing Space travel with Street Art, the ESA is hoping to increase awareness of it’s activities by reaching out to the countless youthful creators of European Street Art and Graffiti scene. On May 18, 10 top artists from all over Europe were chosen to battle it out and create a space exploration inspired image on 2m x 2m canvas. The event took place in Noordwijk which is the Dutch capital of all things Space Travel. With a limit of one day, a jury of three including the online audience decide who made the most appropriate art work on the day. European Space Agency in Netherlands

The artists included
SERGE KB (Netherlands), RESER (Italy), MR CENZ (England), ARSEK & ERASE (Bulgary), BOOGIE (Germany), WELIN (Denmark), BUSTART (Switzerland), LILY BRIK (Spain), DARRY PERIER (France) & ONE DUO (Belgium)

Final Works

European Space Agency in Netherlands

The prize for the winning artwork is the chance for the artists to make art in the weightlessness of a parabolic flight. Graffiti Without Gravity. Thats one small step for man, one giant step for Graffiti culture.