Foreign Vampires x Montana BLACK

The beauty of graffiti is that you can be anyone you want to be when you create it. And you can even be animals if you want. Enter the FOREIGN VAMPIRES who are quietly creating on the streets of Manchester, England, unbeknownst to the locals that they are people by day, vampires by night. With a bit of support from Montana-Cans, an amazing burst of color occurs as boxes full of Montana BLACK are emptied on a wall. And this time they call it , „FINAL VERDICT“. In their own words they describe it like this. “In the meantime, far far away, on the grimey island called Great Britain, in the rainy city called Manchester – Foreign Vampires were making big things!”. And when they say big, they mean it. With a return to the robotic childhood days of the Transformers, a giant robot lurches out off to one side of the wall with a classic graffiti style piece saying FINAL VERDICT on the other. A classic graffiti production juxtaposed with a doomsday style scenery featuring explosion clouds, a burning city and a strong mix of greys and blues, perfect for the pre-Halloween period. Put on your armor and prepare for battle as it was all captured on film here! Forei





gn Vampires Graffiti Video – Final Verdict