The streets of Heidelberg Germany are not unfamiliar with the activities of artist, Sweet Uno. Sweet Uno has been walking it’s pavements for many years . The walls of the neighbourhood are like a history book of the artistic path of how SWEET evolved and progressed with an often unconventional style and aesthetic. But what Heidelberg has not seen is the collaboration of Sweet Uno with Hamburg artist Form76 in massive proportions. Until now.. The two came together to create a mural of epic size, bringing together images that explore the symbolic notions of visual times gone by in a futuristic composition. Everything from graffiti to advertising elements can be seen. Spheres, arrows, highlights and lettering 3D. It’s all there, hidden under a colorful maze of hard and soft lines and shapes. FORMULA76 X SWEETUNO FUTURE PAST


See how the artists stole the locals, attention as they transformed an already artistic (possibly heriatage listed) house side into a wonderful eye catcher and contemplate for any passer by.

Images by Montana-Cans Jordan Katz & Jok Sauer