Frankenstein has always been a favorite Halloween character. Whether as a costume or as an image, everyone loves that long forehead, the bolts through his neck and above all that poisonous looking green skin. That’s why he was the perfect subject for HOMBRE SUK, to give the new formula Montana NIGHTGLOW Green treatment. The freaky icon was about to Glow! Montana NIGHTGLOW EFFECT is a high pressure, high-grade, nitro-acrylic based spray paint, that contains light emitting luminescent pigments. NIGHTGLOW stores light as absorbed energy when charged and emits that energy as light when in total darkness. The more intense the light source, the greater the charge. Then at night when the lights are off, it’s NIGHTGLOW’s time to shine!



Halloween decor that glows in the dark

Don’t think this is hard and complicated. HOMBRE’s skills are definitely very impressive, but creating a NIGHTGLOW image of your own is not difficult. All you need is cardboard, NIGHTGLOW Green or Orange, a can of Montana GOLD Shock White and any complimentary Montana GOLD colors you may already have.



Prime your cardboard well with the Montana GOLD Shock White. This creates the ultimate reflective base for the NIGHTGLOW to charge on. Once dry, apply the NIGHTGLOW color of your choice to the bulk of the area you want to have glow in the dark. With the remaining cans, carefully place shades, fades, line work or rendering as desired. Where ever the NIGHTGLOW is not covered, it will glow once charged. For further applicational advise please make sure to visit the MontanaCans Help Center or the FAQ section on the Montana NIGHTGLOW product page!


HOMBRE’s Frankenstein work is a unique take on this classic Halloween theme. But it doesn’t have to stop there. What are you going to create with Montana NIGHTGLOW Orange and Green this Halloween?