So, the year is coming to an end and you feel like the world around you is falling asleep, right? Wrong! The „Give Love Back“ exhibition in the MAK (museum for applied art) in Frankfurt am Main, Germany is open until January 11. The exhibition curated by Eva Linhart and Mahret Kupka, featuring artist Ata Macias and Partners, is more than just a presentation of designed objects and art pieces. Macias furthermore encourages interactive creation of new spaces with visitors of the exhibition. „Give Love Back“ also incorporates the club culture scene into the event of the exhibition by creating the club „Boiler Room“.

This reflects Ata Macias’ roots as a Techno-DJ, music label manager and club owner. Another element of the „Give Love Back“ exhibition is the Concept store featuring among others yours truly: the Montana BOOMBOX and the water-based Montana ACRYLIC markers and sets. GIVE LOVE BACK – Ata Macias and Partners

1412_MAK_Give_Love_Back-1168-2 1412_MAK_Give_Love_Back-1169 1412_MAK_Give_Love_Back-1393-21412_MAK_Give_Love_Back-1398-2 1412_MAK_Give_Love_Back-1179 1412_MAK_Give_Love_Back-1227 1412_MAK_Give_Love_Back-1272-2 1412_MAK_Give_Love_Back-12681412_MAK_Give_Love_Back-1403 1412_MAK_Give_Love_Back-1400 1412_MAK_Give_Love_Back-1440 1412_MAK_Give_Love_Back-13611412_MAK_Give_Love_Back-0965 1412_MAK_Give_Love_Back-1362 1412_MAK_Give_Love_Back-13501412_MAK_Give_Love_Back-1364 1412_MAK_Give_Love_Back-1375  1412_MAK_Give_Love_Back-1503

The exhibition runs until January 11 2015

Museum Angewandte Kunst
Schaumainkai 17
60594 Frankfurt, Germany
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Photography by MONTANA-CANS / Alexander Krziwanie