Limited edition print “GOLDZilla – The King of Cans”

FLYING FÖRTRESS, the German artist, graffiti writer, and fan of all things mullet, is well known across the globe for his signature teddy bear helmet characters, and his humorous illustrative graffiti styles. No stranger to the Montana Cans family, he has often participated in various Montana Cans projects including the highly collectible, Limited Edition, BLACKBRÄU – OKTOBER FEST can.Since 2015, FÖRTRESS has been toying with the idea of a characterized Montana GOLD x GODZILLA design, but until now just hasn’t had the right moment or format to develop it. That was until COVID came to town and gave everyone a reason to stay home and have a lot more time. Fast forward a little, and we celebrate the launch of the Limited Edition FLYING FÖRTRESS print, GOLDZILLA! Scroll down for more info!

The GOLDZILLA art print is a homage to two of FÖRTRESS’s favorite things. Although he is an avid Montana BLACK user when doing graffiti, FÖRTRESS shows some love for his favorite artmaking can, the Montana GOLD. And the second love incorporated in the design is the iconic character from his childhood, GODZILLA.

The print will be released in a numbered limited series of 100 at Nokiss Letterpress Studio. The 3-color hand-printed screen print will be in A4 and color cut with Montana GOLD along the edges. You can grab one of these exclusive prints for yourself here or direct from the FLYING FÖRTRESS webshop or at the Montana Cans Store Vienna and Frankfurt at a very limited quantity!

– Nur für Kunden aus Deutschland und Österreich – 

Das GOLDZilla Limited Edition Pack gegen eine Spende für einen guten Zweck – nur 15 Stück erhältlich!

Das Montana GOLDZilla Special Set enthält: Limitierter GOLDZilla Siebdruck im Format A4, nummeriert und Signiert von Flying Förtress! Montana LOOKBOOK 2020, Stickerset, Stickerpack Hologram (oder Egshell), BOLD Marker, Montana Keychain & die neue MontanaCans Shapiro Maske!

Versand nur nach Deutschland und Österreich möglich!

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