Hack & Lack 2014 | Minden, Germany

For the sixth time in a row the well-known graffiti event HACK & LACK is scheduled for the 7th June in Minden, Germany. You can expect national and also international artists from the scene giving their best to bring colors not only on the wall, but also on the unique “Schiefe-Bahn-Express”, which is a true to scale model of a train. Further you will find a well arranged graffiti store, which will have cans, caps and everything between that. Also a limited t-shirt collection will be available at this day. There will be many hot spots such as a graffiti workshop especially for kids, the extra large BBQ station and of course a DJ booth with some well picked DJs. This event is not only for the avid fans but a highlight for everyone!
Find out more about HACK & LACK on www.facebook.com/HACKundLACK and watch a video from the last event back in 2013.