On the 1st and 2nd of September 2018, the German graffiti jam Hafendampf entered its 6th year. HAFENDAMPF can be as diverse as the translation of its name. A hafen is port or harbour. Dampf is steam, vapor or smoke.”where there is smoke, there is fire”. And everyone knows in Essen, where there are writers using Montana BLACK, there is usually more than just vapors and steam. HAFENDAMPF 2018 GRAFFITI EVENT ESSEN

Graffiti at its best in Essen, Germany


This year the HAFENDAMPF jam did just that. Burn! With an eye pooping array of pieces by HEIS, BIRNE, CVA, FNACK, RAIT, ENDZEIT, IFM, COCONUT, TOP NOTCH, DXTR, MOST, DEMON, RAKS, QUMI, POUT, TRIS, SUPERSPRAY and BANG. As the vapors dissapated and the steam coming off the artists evaporated, Essen was left with 200 meters of burning walls. With plenty of diversity for any graffiti lover, check out the results here.