10 years of steam

The Hafendampf Jam in Essen Germany has been making people happy for 10 years now. 2022 which celebrated the 10th anniversary of the event at Langenberger Strasse Essen was no exception. In fact, it was double the fun as a second day was also added to quickly get some of that style and dynamic Montana GOLD and BLACK color on the newly renovated sections of the A44 motorway retainer wall.

Countless talented artists came from far and wide to rock the spot and keep the tradition of the steaming harbor alive. Names like Nomad, Amit, Fnack, Semor, Pout, and Most, among many others all came down to get down. Styles for miles, or at least as long as the wall space allowed as roads were laid dormant and passers-by were forced to take a look at the burners being created before them. Even though the temperatures supplied by mother nature may not have been so accommodating.

Steaming up the place with style

The passage through graffiti style was thankfully documented so it can be brought to you digitally here. So wipe the steam from your glasses and be careful of the heat that was Hafendampf 2022.

Keeping it warm in the cold

All Images by Hafendampf