The Nürnberg Pop Festival takes place every year since 2011, this year being the 6th event of its kind. The main focus is on music and live shows. Different events take place during one evening throughout different venues around the second biggest city in Bavaria- Nürnberg. This year it took place on the 29th of October, towards the end of the fall season, during a time when walking down the streets of the historic city was crispy cold yet the parks and trees of the city still colored it in all shades of yellow and orange.


Another thing noticeable while walking through the city is Hannah Rabenstein’s work, which mainly focuses on typography, hand lettering and calligraphy as graphic design and a form of art. You can recognise her work in many different shops, cafes and bars’ windows and interior walls. In addition to that, during this specific time also on posters all over town promoting the Pop Festival, as she did this year’s branding and design.

Hannah Rabenstein was chosen to collaborate with the festival in a few different ways- not only did she design the logo and campaign for the festival but was also asked to participate in one of the venues and do a live painting. She collaborated with BMW and painted a MINI automobile inside the Nürnberg Museum of Contemporary Art using our MONTANA ACRYLIC PAINT. HANNAH RABENSTEIN MONTANA MARKERS MINI

The collaboration between BMW’s MINI, Montana-Cans markers and Hannah Rabenstein all together created a scene well worth coming to check out, but for those who weren’t there, we made sure to document and fully cover it to create a video that captured the magic for you to enjoy.




In the video and images you can see Hannah’s “canvas” was a black-matt-coated MINI, on which she painted a wide variety of letters in different types, shapes and sizes. Since painting on such a smooth black surface, she wisely decided to paint all letters in white- except for a few gold exceptions.

Artist and graphic designer Hannah Rabenstein paints a MINI automobile at the Nürnberg Pop Festival with Montana ACRYLIC

For the whole project she used our MONTANA ACRYLIC EMPTY MARKERS in almost all different sizes – (fine 2mm, 15mm. 30mm and the wide 50mm), filled with white MONTANA ACRYLIC PAINT. For the gold details she used the our sleek GOLD MATT MONTANA ACRYLIC MARKER, 15 mm which provided the perfect shine and brilliance to those very specific details she used it in. The markers fit so perfectly in Hannah’s hands and she used them with a great and natural flow, she even managed to pull off endless perfect lines and curves with the sometimes-very-challenging angles and corners of the vehicle- creating a beautiful wave of free-hand written letters all around the object. HANNAH RABENSTEIN MONTANA MARKERS MINI


Photography ©MONTANA-CANS / Jordan Katz


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