In the heart of Copenhagen, a hauntingly vibrant masterpiece has emerged, capturing the spirit of Halloween in the most electrifying way possible. Danish artist Pheo has once again left his indelible mark on the city’s graffiti scene with a graffiti piece that is nothing short of mesmerizing.

Set against the backdrop of a gritty urban alleyway, the wall comes alive with the striking intensity of Montana Black’s radiant orange tones. Pheo’s choice of this particular color palette is deliberate; it not only pays homage to the season but also adds a surreal and almost hypnotic quality to the artwork.

BLK 2085 HALLOWEEN – Trick or treat! MONTANA BLACK HALLOWEEN is the perfect spray paint for tricks of all kind. This orange tone is as dark-minded as the evenings of fall. It’s inspired by bloody pumpkins and can be used perfectly for paintings of witches, zombies, ghosts, monsters and scary tales. Make your choice for BLK 2085 HALLOWEEN to avoid any surprises, not only in autumn!

Images by the artist Pheo