A new year, a fresh start

With 2019 behind us and 2020 right in front, we would like to add a little extra flavor from the hand styles of SMASH137 to set off the new year with can control and style. The high-pressure Montana BLACK in the hands of such a master of graffiti is the perfect way to get the calendar rolling.

MontanaCans Happy New Year
We hope your 2019 ends with color, safety, and comfort as we prepare to reflect on what was done and contemplate where we are all going in the new year. 2020 brings with it not only a fresh start but also a new generation. One that we can fill with positivity, color. Regardless of if you are a creator of street art, graffiti, murals, panels or any form of art, we look forward to your support and creativity in the new year!

MontanaCans Happy New Year“Happy New Year” by SMASH137

From all the team at Montana Cans, we wish you a HAPPY NEW YEAR and a prosperous 2020! Stay safe and have fun!