What would you say if you were asked to pick 4 numbers between 0 and 10,000? The Hard2Buff team did just this with Italian writer Haker who came up with a the very clever answer of Mouse 7030, Nostradamus 7230, Black 9001 and White 9105. All of the Montana BLACK 400ml range of course. It was hard to concentrate on the artwork at first as some very tempting looking food and some nice beats were added to the mix to conclude in the new Hard2Buff #11, featuring Haker. The Hard2Buff series showcases Italian and international writers who choose two Montana-Cans, BLACK line colors in combination with black and white to work toward a style based, dual chromatic artwork.

Haker brings a triple result in this episode. Not only producing two fresh, free flowing paintings, but also delivering the appetite with a very savory looking burger and fries to solve anyones hunger for art and food all at once.

Check it out here: (But not on an empty stomach)…

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