Hello my name is – German Graffiti: A 60 minutes documentary about the variety and quality of an art form which often manages to overcome the borders of legality. The documentary “Hello my name is – German Graffiti” gives an authentic exploration into the variety and quality of German Graffiti in all of it’s various disciplines.  Through 15 short profiles, the viewer is introduced to some of the greatest and most outstanding artists in the German graffiti community who give insights into their work and speak in depth about their motivations and intentions…


The film features looks through the magnifying glass at artist such as “Life”, the illegal tagger from Berlin whom uses climbing equipment to reach those otherwise unable to reach spots, Taps and Moses who gave up their names to revolutionise graffiti on trains, pioneers of German graffiti like Lomit and Can2 who helped bring German graffiti to the world. All the way through to realistic portrait painters like Hendrik “ECB“ Beikirch and Case of the Ma’Claim Crew who revolutionised realisim in graffiti. The film delves broadly into the breadth of classic stylewriting, murals, bombing, exhibitions and media activities of which these artists now find themselves navigating through.

150227-12_Premiere_Foto_Helen_Becker Kopie

Since the world premiere end of February at the Zeise Kino in Hamburg, the documentary “Hello my name is – German Graffiti” made by German filmmaker Stefan Pohl, is running in selected cinemas across Germany. In Los Angeles at the local Goethe Institut the film was shown and in a few weeks it will be also shown in Saratov, Russia. The Movie will be shown in German language at Karlstorkino in Heidelberg on May 5th, starting 7.30pm

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Find all dates at: https://www.facebook.com/mynameis.film