Bring yourself back to 1999. Imagine yourself in Bristol England, in a storm drain where no one would probably ever see you. Add metallic paint with most likely a stock cap and the word Pest. This is how it all began for graffiti artist 45RPM. And it has never stopped every since.

Keeping Bristol smiling

With a self described style he calls “Goofy Nonsense”, 45RPM has come a long way since then. Laced with fine art, illustration and graphic design, he is amongst the innovative active writers that call the UK home. 45RPM has a mission to keep it fresh, contemporary and to put a smile on your dial. Or at worst, keep the smile on his. With a home town like Bristol, it’s part and parcel that your graffiti network (at the pub alone) can consist of 30 or more writers, all egging you on to push the bar higher. Inspired by writers such as Petro and Oker, his style reflects that of a new school of writer that has one foot firmly grounded in graffiti roots. Most likely no stranger to Montana BLACK or Montanan GOLD cans, his preferred cap of choice is the stock cap. Check them out here.


Barriers are not applicable as his artwork shows abilities on many levels. Characters, typography, illustration, traditional graffiti and wit, all get mixed up in a healthy brew of laughter and color. The results are not only clever, they look good too!

All images by the artist 45RPM