Angel Toren has been pressing down the caps of spray cans since 2007. Born in Murcia Spain, the then 15 year old has been pressing those same caps travelling through many paths in his artistic development. If you had to define his style in a handful of words, they would probably be; typographical, architectural, graphic, futuristic and above all elegant. In a short space of time, this very talented creator has managed to re-interperit the recent past to create a whole new visual future.



With a canny eye for clean lines and hard edges, his work is both confident and experimental. And above all, pleasing to the eye. Not afraid of color, he managed to create varied spray marks to speak in a array of different languages. When loaded with Montana BLACK or Montana GOLD there is no telling what he is capable of. See here for yourself:  INTRODUCING GRAFFITI ARTIST ANGEL TOREN


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Images by the Graffiti Artist Angel Toren