The graffiti disease has long spread out of the projects of the American inner like New York cities. Remembering, the globe is round. So this beautiful and colorful disease has cross pollinated and grown into a creative epidemic for kids and adults to enjoy everywhere. One of these people is Malaysian born and raised, CLOAKWORK. Calling Kuala Lumpur home, CLOAKWORK is a multi talented graffiti artist and illustrator who has been spreading color with Montana BLACK and Montana GOLD cans since 2012. With a dual meaning, his street identity CLOAKWORK (CLOAK standing for hidden/stealth and Work representing action and movement), he has many entry points of which to explore his creativity.

It is not to be forgotten where this eager young artist is from! Malaysia is not exactly famous for uncensored creative freedom. The penalties for illegal artworks are often treated the same as for actions of illegality in general. The term “don’t worry it’s only paint”, does not apply in Malaysia. Thus, it is even more impressive that CLOAKWORK manages to approach his work with humor, vibrance and an unspoken sense of positivity.

Contemporary Asian graffiti writing for a world audience

The doors to graffiti are also global. And in 2016, CLOAKWORK embarked on a self-funded journey to many major countries and cities of the world resulting a liberating breath of fresh air to his ideas and artworks. Not to mention a little more experience under his belt to create new ways of making art to share back home.

Artwork of Cloakwork

If CLOAKWORK has been too stealth to be on your radar, maybe you missed his collaborations with major brands such as Adidas, Volkswagen, BMW, Converse, Warner Music, Hypebeast and Tiger Beer to name a few. It’s time to take a look here and familiarize yourself with Malaysian Graffiti Artist, CLOAKWORK.

All images by Cloakwork