In the Swiss town of Basel, many a famous writer has come, stayed or gone. With a strong culture of track sides and the famous Basel track side walls leading into the main station, competition was and is still strong. Creativity is high and the quest for letter style if is a common goal. ROISE is no exception. He took the traditional route into graffiti starting with Breaking in the 80’s at the age of 10, and putting the foot on the graffiti gas pedal in the 90’s. At the time, Roise focused on the lines and the streets. Making sure his turf was marked and his styles were sharp like the traditional New York styles that were influencing his personal hot spots like his home town of Basel and the German towns of Heidelberg and Berlin.


You can pause, but there is no stopping

2000 -2005 were Roise’s golden years. Spending time and emptying plenty of Montana Cans with his crews GTK and MPC was an intense experience. With this insensitivity came also some negatives. For a while his life went down the wrong path, but not permanently. This time saw a pause in his creativity that made way for a return in a completely different time. New cans like Montana GOLD and BLACK, new caps, new techniques and lots of new media influences thanks to the internet.

His return also opened his eyes to new experiences that had eluded him in the past. As painting at night was still a priority to him, the introduction to painting freight trains was a welcomed turn of fate. The large rectangular boxes were a nod to the classic shape of train wagons which influenced so many ellements of graffiti. And the windowlessness of the metal giants meant more space to create.

Take a moment to follow the path and explore the works of Kid Roise. Stopping is not an option.

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