SMASH137 on the Newest Montana BLACK Artist Edition

The world of graffiti is set to witness a minimalist highlight with the release of the 25th Montana BLACK Artist Edition can, designed by the renowned Swiss graffiti writer, SMASH137. As an artist who continuously breaks conventions and transcends boundaries, SMASH137 is celebrated globally for his distinct graffiti style and unique lettering techniques. Now, he brings these unique elements to the Montana BLACK range – a paint line he has significantly contributed to over the years. The Swiss artist has been on a transformative journey, from his early graffiti days on Basel’s city walls to evolving his contemporary stylistic graffiti that is recognized globally. His passion for Graffiti culminates in the limited-edition Montana BLACK Artist Edition can, which reinvigorates the existing color “SMASH137 Potato BLK400-1005“.

Introducing the Montana BLACK Artist Edition #25 by SMASH137

Breaking Traditions with a Bold New Look

Shattering tradition, the SMASH137 Montana BLACK Artist Edition can adopts a new aesthetic – the usual black-colored lithography base is traded for a raw aluminum look. This dramatic change is not just a design alteration; it is a strategic move to let the SMASH137 style shine in its purest form – unbound and authentic. The design speaks volumes about SMASH137’s style, encapsulating his signature outline that’s instantly recognizable.

Montana BLACK Artist Edition #25 feat. SMASH137 | Color SMASH137 Potato BLK400-1005

Photography by SMASH137 and Hard2Buff