In the bustling urban landscapes of Caserta and Naples, Tony TRES has established himself as a standout figure in the world of graffiti and illustration. Born in 1980, Tony’s journey in the arts began in the early 2000s, quickly affiliating him with two prominent collectives that have been instrumental in shaping his career. With a solid background in the Conservation of Cultural Heritage, which he pursued until 2006, Tony transitioned from academia to the dynamic world of street art with a unique blend of precision and passion.

Tony’s academic pursuits didn’t just mold his understanding of art; they propelled him into the realm of documentary photography, where he captured the evolving scenes of Naples’ art stations. His methodical approach to art, honed through years of study and fieldwork, is evident in his meticulous lettering work, where each stroke embodies a blend of analysis and artistic research.

2010 marked a pivotal year for Tony as his love for documentary work inspired him to curate a catalog featuring artists globally. This project wasn’t just a collection of artworks; it was an exploration of the preparatory phases of artistic creation, emphasizing the rigorous research behind seemingly spontaneous art forms. This initiative led to the birth of the No Color Sketch research laboratory, a venture that continues to connect events, schools, and artistic collaborations, enriching the international art scene since its inception.

Tony’s exploration of art took a new direction as he moved towards a personal synthesis of forms and colors, leading to the creation of his own projects such as the Style Diary. Launched in 2019, this project delves into the study methods of individual artists, offering insights into the intricate processes behind their artworks. His distinctive approach to graffiti—focusing on the magnified details of letters and transforming them into dynamic shapes through vibrant colors, primarily primaries—gave rise to the Macromia project. This endeavor highlights his evolution from detailed letter forms to large-scale murals that captivate and engage.

Tony’s artistic prowess and innovative approach have not gone unnoticed. His collaborations with leading urban culture brands such as Converse, Vans, New Era, Adidas, and Montana Cans, alongside Grog, underscore his influence and standing within the urban art community. Each partnership celebrates his unique style and deep understanding of urban artistic expressions, making him a revered figure in the graffiti world.

Tony TRES‘s journey is a testament to the power of blending scholarly insight with creative expression, marking him as a visionary artist who continues to redefine the boundaries of Graffiti and illustration. As he continues to leave his mark on surfaces and canvases around the world, his work remains a source of inspiration for many aspiring artists in the vibrant streets of Naples and beyond.