Kick and Throw – Graffiti Show | Impressions of the opening last friday. 2014. Tags, Throw Up´s and Quicks are the basic elements in Graffiti Writing. The 6 artists Sweetuno, Form76, Ilk and Keno from Paris as well as Ikaroz from Sweden focused on these elements for their “KICK AND THROW GRAFFITI SHOW” at Alte Feuerwache in Mannheim. The show started on saturday 05th of September. See more images after the jump.

1409_KICKANDTHROW-62261409_KICKANDTHROW_2014-0633  1409_KICKANDTHROW_2014-06401409_KICKANDTHROW-0674

Last saturday was the opening of the group show from Ikaroz, Ilk and Keno from Paris, SweetUno and Form76 titled “Kick and Throw – Graffiti Show”. We visited the guys and captured a few nice pictures from the working process and of course the final artworks…

1409_KICKANDTHROW_2014-0643 1409_KICKANDTHROW_2014-0648 1409_KICKANDTHROW_2014-0649 1409_KICKANDTHROW_2014-0652 1409_KICKANDTHROW_2014-0653 1409_KICKANDTHROW_2014-06551409_KICKANDTHROW-62361409_KICKANDTHROW-62331409_KICKANDTHROW-0685 1409_KICKANDTHROW_2014-0656 1409_KICKANDTHROW_2014-0662 1409_KICKANDTHROW_2014-0663 1409_KICKANDTHROW_2014-0668 1409_KICKANDTHROW_2014-0676 1409_KICKANDTHROW_2014-0677 1409_KICKANDTHROW_2014-0678 1409_KICKANDTHROW_2014-0679 1409_KICKANDTHROW_2014-0680 1409_KICKANDTHROW_2014-0687 1409_KICKANDTHROW_2014-0690

Photography by MONTANA-CANS / Frank Bässler, Alexander Krziwanie