After spending a long time traveling and creating artwork around Italy and Europe, Italian graffiti artist LA FRANZ found herself back in her home town in Italy. But not to create impressive graffiti, this time it was to renovate her house. As most people who have renovated will know, before constructing anything you need to do some cleaning up and decluttering. During this process, LA FRANZ found herself looking at her some of her beautiful old wooden windows. That gave her an idea. And with the Coronavirus quarantine in place, the perfect time had presented itself for a project using Montana GLASS PAINT.

LA FRANZ using Montana GLASS PAINT 250ml

What is so unique about this project is that even though Montana GLASS PAINT has planted many seeds of ideas in the heads of artists, hobby specialists, DIY enthusiasts, home handy-people, and creatives all over the world, this artwork was going to be one celebrating pure graffiti style-writing. Albeit in a completely new context. To start the idea off, LA FRANZ worked digitally transferring a graffiti alphabet she had designed on an IPad to PC, and then to a plotter where the letters were plotted and cut on adhesive stencil sticker film. Putting down her opaque Montana BLACK cans and opting for light and transparency was a breath of fresh air. Once the excess vinyl from the sticker film had been removed, the windows were mounted onto an easel to be sprayed. It only took one coat of Montana GLASS PAINT to get just the right amount of color, yet still allowing enough transparency for light to pass through. Once the Montana GLASS PAINT had dried, she carefully removed the stencil sticker film.

Taking letters to the light

The results speak for themselves and the impact is impressive. It became difficult to establish if she had just created fine artworks for a gallery, or functional windows that now had a new look and increased privacy? At any rate, the windows will be the envy of all that see them. Take a look for yourself here.

All images by the artist La Franz