It’s a well-known fact that if you shine UV light onto the Montana fluorescent colors of the GOLD and BLACK ranges in otherwise dark spaces, the colors will glow. However, the vibrance and power of how well they glow are not always clear. All the more reason to take a closer look at the recent work by Spanish Graffiti writer LAIA at the Colors Festival in Paris, who has taken both lines and put them to the ultimate fluorescent test.

Going for the glow in Paris

Imagine a dark cellar, underground car park, or hidden space somewhere inside a large building during January, which is usually the peak of the European winter cold. No natural light, no sun, and no windows. Possibly a setting for a horror scene to some, but to LAIA, a chance to shake and make some of the most vibrantly glowing fluorescent work ever seen while creating a unique work for the Parisian street art festival.

Fluorescent colors that vibrate with or without UV light

The white primed concrete walls were the ideal surface for the Montana GOLD Fluorescent and Montana BLACK INFRA colors. Glowing flowers, projectile illustrative walls, and fat black lines all push the fluorescent colors into the fore. A classic LAIA design with a strange feeling of light and vibrance, even though it is glowing under UV light in a dark space. A feeling that was achieved even when the normal lights were on. Palm trees smile at the viewer as “LA” throw-ups roll along the glowing brick projectile wall. To the right, a fat LAIA piece vibrates with her well-known flavor of drips and rounded forms.

All with fat black outlines for major impact

The result was convincing and the effect was undeniable. The Montana GOLD Fluorescent colors and the Montana BLACK INFRA colors are perfect when it comes to the use of UV light.   Reminding us that taking the plunge on Montana Cans fluorescents is a sure thing.